Inflation is crushing Americans, in particular the middle and working classes. I believe in “spend what you absolutely need to, tax absolutely no more than that.” Unfortunately Biden and Blumenthal have spent trillions on everything and paid for none of it, causing runaway inflation, and want to raise taxes to make up the difference. As the Republican leader in the Connecticut House, we passed a Republican budget in a Democratic state that gave us spending caps, bonding caps, and volatility caps. I will take the same approach to Washington.

Border Security

Border security is a first-order imperative for our government, but Biden's weak border policy has made our streets less safe. Organized crime south of the border has given us a humanitarian crisis of trafficked individuals, out-of-control illegal immigration and an epidemic of smuggled fentanyl that walks right in our front door. For the safety of our communities and children, we must secure the border.


I believe in policies that make it easy to vote and hard to cheat. I support expanded opportunities to vote in-person by traditional paper ballot. I oppose any efforts to federalize elections and to expand less-secure voting methods such as vote-by-mail.

Public Safety

Crime is out of control in our cities and suburbs, our law enforcement lacks resources and respect of politicians like Biden and Blumenthal, and departments can no longer effectively recruit. My brother-in-law is a police detective and I’ve seen first-hand how difficult policing can be—and that was before “defund the police” and Connecticut’s police “accountability” legislation. I led the fight in the legislature to restore qualified immunity to our police so they can do the hard, proactive work of keeping us safe. I am proud to be endorsed by the Connecticut State Police Union and the Fraternal Order of Police.

2nd Amendment

I support the Second Amendment and have had my pistol permit for nearly 30 years.

Gas Prices

The Biden-Blumenthal war on domestic oil and gas producers has left us unable to withstand global shocks and entirely dependent on countries that don’t like us very much. I support increased domestic energy production and doing what we can to reduce the cost of production, transportation, and refining, while at the same time promoting renewable sources of energy.

Parental Rights

More and more, elected officials, government bureaucrats, and special interests seek to dictate education and healthcare decisions for our kids—asking parents to take a back seat. Congress has a responsibility to protect local control and honor the rights of parents. Parents deserve options—the money should follow the child. Parents should have every resource we can make available to do what they believe is best for their kids.

National Security

Above all it is the responsibility of our government to protect our democracy and keep us safe. Today, in an increasingly unstable world, it is more important than ever that we project confidence and strength to our enemies and for our allies. Sadly, Joe Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan cost American lives, and projected weakness around the globe.

Our armed services need to be the best equipped, best trained, and most supported fighting force in the world. There is no room for politics when it comes to our national security and the important example our democracy sets for free people.

Our responsibility to our veterans does not end after their active service – we must always support the sacrifice these heroes have made.